This photo was taken by my father.

So he saw me.

These photos were taken in August 2002 by photographer Raphael Muradyan for the cover of the CD "Awakening".

Before taking Raphael said, "You have to wear some kind of hoodie. Otherwise no one would believe! Look at you, you're not a musician, you're a boxer!":o)


After years of "wandering" touch of calloused fingers to the keys, so familiar and beloved...

"In man, everything should be fine" (A. P. Chekhov).

For many years sport has been an integral part of my life...

The final of competition "Ms. Volgograd" in 2004.

After the ceremony of awarding the winners backstage at the Volgograd municipal musical theater with Roman Chernitsyn (gr.Plasma)

2008. Creative fotosessiya by Alena Sokolova. She does not know that this photo will become the "face" of the new album.






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